Business – the great teacher

Business is a great teacher. When you go into business, you usually do so because of  your strengths. For example, you may be good at selling, or good at marketing, or good at making something. However, business will very quickly reflect what you are not good at. You might be great at finance and figures, but if you can’t sell and get new customers, you’ll have nothing to add up! You may be good at selling, but if you can’t manage your finances, selling and even increasing sales, doesn’t mean that you won’t go belly-up.

Business is a great teacher because it tells you through your bank account what you need to be better at. Usually, we just want to focus and monitor on what we’re good at. And what many think, is that we’ll simply hire someone to do the bits we’re not good at. But you still have to give clear communication on what they have to do, and you have to be able to measure whether they are doing the right things, and are they doing a good job. If you don’t know enough about the subject, you can’t judge how well they are doing. So the sad fact is, you have to learn the basics about what you don’t like doing. It is one of the inescapable facts of being in business. You have to learn the basics of all areas.


About shirleymckinnon
Sales and management trainer, business coach, professional speaker and author.

One Response to Business – the great teacher

  1. Russell McKinnon says:

    How true Shirley. I learned some of this at my peril and the lessons have proved valuable to me.

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